State Inspection

State Certification Services

A Universal Problem

State-mandated elevator safety tests are often the most frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming aspects of elevator maintenance. Our state’s schedule of inspections becomes a moving target, and most elevators companies find it difficult to keep pace. Consequently, many Massachusetts elevators’ inspection certificates go well beyond their expiration dates before anyone notices. Is this your company’s situation?

Easy Compliance

To be certain that all of our customers stay compliant at all times, Atlantic Elevator Service has streamlined the state certification process. Our data system is carefully designed to automatically alert our administrative team when a customer’s elevator certificate is 90 days from expiration. In turn, the customer receives notification of the impending inspection deadline. Atlantic Elevator Service files the necessary applications and then schedules and monitors state inspections, keeping the customer informed every step of the way. Our customers never need worry about being compliant. What could be easier?

Peace of Mind

Our State Certification Services are just another part of what makes Atlantic Elevator Service the most customer-centric elevator company in New England. Because service is in our name, our primary interest is in prolonging the useful life and maintaining the passenger safety of your equipment. Talk to us today about how we can deliver the responsiveness, expertise, and peace of mind you deserve.

Early Alert

Once entered into our Customer Compliance Schedule (CCS) database, clients are notified a full three months in advance of elevator certificate expiration. Notices are sent via email or fax.

Inspection Scheduling

Atlantic Elevator Service files all required applications and receives a test date. Notification of the date, time, and any other relevant information is automatically generated and sent to the client, again by email or fax. Atlantic also monitors the inspection for completion or follow-up.

Certification Completion

After inspection and upon receipt of a compliance certificate, the process is complete. In cases where the elevator requires a 90-day retest, clients receive a notice detailing the work to be done within ten to fifteen business days. Once approved by the customer, all work is then scheduled, performed, and completed by Atlantic Elevator Service in a timely manner. A confirmation is delivered that the elevator is ready for re-inspection, along with the state scheduled date and time.

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